Error in Spreadsheet module

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Error in Spreadsheet module

Hei friends,
i'am new in newbie in Perl, and i try i convert a excel file in csv
file  in Suse 10.0 linux.

I install the Spreadsheet-ParseExcel-0.32.tar.gz module in my linux
but when i try run this script :

use strict;
use Spreadsheet::ParseExcel;

   my $excel = Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Workbook->Parse($file);
    foreach my $sheet (@}) {
        printf("Sheet: %s\n", $sheet->);
        $sheet-> ||=3D $sheet->;
        foreach my $row ($sheet-> .. $sheet->) {
            $sheet-> ||=3D $sheet->;
            foreach my $col ($sheet-> ..  $sheet->) {
                my $cell = $sheet->[$row][$col];
                if ($cell) {
                    printf("( %s , %s ) => %s\n", $row, $col, $cell-
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I have a error something like this :

"Can=B4t locate in @INC(@INC constains : ............"

There is missing other module ?

Can you help me, please ??


Re: Error in Spreadsheet module

Santana wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I've used that module very on a unix machine and didn't experience any
problems. How did you install the module? By using CPAN (perl -MCPAN -e
shell) or manually (download package from CPAN, unpack, compile, test

Would you mind posting the complete error message as perl reports it?



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