env Config option and LockDetect option not working with Berkeley DB RPC

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I am currently using Berkeley DB 4.4.20 with Berkeley DB perl module
0.28.  I am running the client/server version of Berkeley DB.  Here is
what my environment call looks like:

my $dbEnvHome = "geoTests";
my $server = "test.my.server.com";
# ErrFile used for debug purposes for now
my $errFile = *STDERR;
my $verbose = 1;
my $dbDataDir = "/tmp/geoTests/databases";
my $dbLogDir = "/tmp/geoTests/logs";
my $dbTmpDir = "/tmp/geoTests/tmp";
my $lockDetect = DB_LOCK_DEFAULT;
my $env = new BerkeleyDB::Env(
                              -Home => $dbEnvHome,
                              -Server => $server,
#                              -Config => {DB_DATA_DIR => $dbDataDir,
DB_LOG_DIR => $dbLogDir, DB_TMP_DIR => $dbTmpDir},
                              -ErrFile => $errFile,
                              -Flags => $flags,
#                              -LockDetect => DB_LOCK_RANDOM,
                              -Verbose => $verbose,

When I attempt to uncomment the Config line, Env does not fail but I
get the following message:
Interface not supported by Berkeley DB RPC client environments

If I uncomment the LockDetect line I get an undef returned by Env.

Are these two options not supported in my scenario or am I doing
something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

George D.

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