Email-Filtering, what is used nowadays? (and integration w/ SpamAssassin)

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What is the current "best-practice" method to filter one's email
with Perl?
Mail::Audit or Email::Filter?
Both seem to be maintained by Ricardo Signes, and both got updated
last at the same time.

I know about Mail::Audit and use it since quite some time.
I was looking into Email::Filter and tried to see if there's some
difference that makes it better or not. (I see that it is supposed
to be simpler; but then I would need to add plugins for logging

Is Email::Filter faster or less resource-intensive than
Mail::Audit? That would be an interesting point.

As a sidepoint, none of them integrates really well with
Mail::SpamAssassin, especially if one wants to use SA's
rewrite_mail() method. One has to parse the email anew to accept()
or reject() it. How do you do that in your setups?

Or do you use spamd and connect from your Perl filter scripts to
the SA daemon? (I've seen that there is a
Mail::SpamAssassin::SimpleClient for that.)

Thanks in advance for any answer, and for sharing your experience,


Joachim Schrod                Email:
Roedermark, Germany

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