Easy way to install 250 perl modules

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Hello All,

I have a typical request.

We have a NFS share setup that can be accessed by around 50 linux
machines. We have deployed perl5.10 on the NFS share. (Perl was
deployed with PREFIX=/usr/share). This way, all the library files are
created on this NFS share itself. Whenever we have to deploy a new
perl module, it will be done on the NFS share by one machine that has
write access to it, and it will be visible on all the machines (all
other machines has read-only access to share). So, perl is accessed
as /usr/share/bin/perl.

Currently, perl5.10 has around 250 modules installed. Now, I have to
deploy perl 5.14 with all the modules that are there in perl5.10. And,
this new perl deployment needs to happen on new NFS share /usr/share1.

Is there a way by cpan or cpanplus, that I can install all those
modules at one go. Manual installation is taking huge amount of time.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Re: Easy way to install 250 perl modules

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Yes - Have a look at CPAN's autobundle command. That will allow you to
create a Bundle that describes your installed modules, take that to your
new Perl, and 'install Bundle::MySuperAwesomeBundle'.

See <http://perldoc.perl.org/CPAN.html#autobundle


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