Does Win32::Perms $PermsObj->Remove( $User ) Work?

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I am trying to migrate a terabyte of files from Unix to Windows 2003
server. Of course, Windows does not honor the Unix Owner, Group, etc
permissions from the tar file. I am attempting to write a script to fix

I was attempting to use the Win32::Perms $PermsObj->Remove command, and
it does not appear to work at all. I downloaded via ppm from the Perl Repository. I have the TSE2 book and have downloaded the
examples. I cannot make run at all. It gets to the line
and stops until I hit control-C. I have tried it locally and remotely,
on WinXP (SP2) and Windows 2003 server (where the files need to
reside). I am an administrator on all the different machines. The way
the server is set up, I need to make many different mods to many
different files for security reasons. It stands to reason I don't want
to manually modify millions for obvious reasons.

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