Differences between Perl::Magik and ImageMagic?

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I have just started trying to use ImageMagik and hope to use
Perl::Magik.  My current issue is trying to figure out how to go from
using the ImageMagik command line tool "convert" to using the
Perl::Magik functions.  Specifically, I can do the following using the
"convert" command line tool:

convert original.jpg -strip -density 72x72 -resample 72x72 -filter
Lanczos -resize 200x200 cnv002.jpg

and the result looks as good as rescaling the same image using Gimp.
If I try to do the same things using Perl::Magik the result is very
blurry.  What "default" values is "convert" using?  The blurry Perl
code I have been trying is:

        $IM = Image::Magick->new;
        $IM->Read($original) &&
            die __LINE__ . ": Could not do initial read on $original:

        $IM->Set(units => 'PixelsPerInch');
        $IM->Set(quality => 100);
        $IM->Resample(geometry => "72x72",
                      filter   => 'Lanczos');
        $IM->Resize(geometry => $fileSizes->-> ."x".
                    filter   => 'Lanczos');

        $tmp = "$dir/hn.jpg";
                   compression=>'None') &&
            die __LINE__ . ": Could not write to $tmp: $!";

I have tried a few other combinations and permutations of functions
and settings but I can not duplicat ther command line results.
Ideas?  Pointers?

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