Device::Gsm v1.34 released to CPAN

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Version 1.34 of Device::Gsm perl extension has been released to CPAN,
and should be available at your local CPAN mirror in a day or two.

1.33 => 1.34
Wed Aug 18 09:10:48 CEST 2004

  - fixed delete_sms() command syntax and results parsing.
    Thanks to all users that reported problems.
  - added an example script on how to delete sms messages.

What it is?

Device::Gsm is perl extension to talk to your gsm mobile phone
via serial port, bluetooth, irda, ... and reads/writes sms messages,
reads battery level, signal, imei(serial) number, makes calls,
and everything is allowed by the GSM AT+C command set.
It works at least on Windows, Linux, Solaris and *BSD systems.


+ working perl installation >= 5.005_03
+ Device::Modem (most recent version is fine)
+ Device::SerialPort (or Win32::SerialPort for Windows systems)
+ a gsm mobile phone, or oem device, compliant with AT+C GSM
   command set (nearly every model is AT+C compliant)


This module installs like all other good old perl modules:

$ perl Makefile.PL
$ make
$ make test
$ make install

Licensing terms

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.
Use it at your own risk, and without ANY warranty!
For any need of commercial support and/or licensing, please contact

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