[DBI][Oracle] providing login/password, but having ORA-01004

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Hi all,

I have a really stange error occuring in a script. I'm trying to
connect to a remote Oracle server. So I've installed the last DBI and
DBD-oracle packages. I'm using perl 5.6 .

I have 3 instances (which are very similar) that I want to connect to.
I don't want to use any tnsname.ora file, so I'm using that :

It works fine for 2 instances out of 3, but I can't make it work with
the third. I have the ORA-1004 error, saying :
DBI connect('host=my_serveur;sid=vmt3frd0','my_login',...) failed:
ORA-01004: default username feature not supported; logon denied(DBD:
login failed)

It seems so weird, cause I do provide a login and a password, and I
don't want to automatically connect with my OS login/password (that's
what the error seems to mean). I don't understand why I get this error
with this instance, and not the others.
I'm so puzzled, I can't even figure out if it's a client or server
side problem.

thanks in advance


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