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Hi pros:
i have been search around for the way to access the recent inserted
row to get the id from auto incremented col.
there are a lot of ways to access that col. such as $dbh-
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what i am wondering is this will the statement $dbh-
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what if there are many other connections to the database and
constantly inserting other rows.
will that mess up the whole purpose of get back the id;

thanks in advance for anyone tries to answer my question

Thanks a lot

Re: DBI Last Inserted ID

movingsnail@gmail.com wrote:
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You'd do better, probably, on the dbi-users@perl.org mailing list.

If the driver is implemented properly, activity on a separate database
handle ($dbh2, say) definitely won't (shouldn't) affect the insert ID on
the current one ($dbh1).  If I was asked, I'd the say the same of
statement handles on the same $dbh; $st1 and $st2 should be able to have
separate 'last inserted ID' values (and DBD::Informix implements that),
but I'm not sure what the DBI spec (perldoc DBI) has to say about it.

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