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I am trying to install DBD::RAM module via ports on FreeBSD.
Unfortunatelly DBD::RAM module requires DBD::File module and the
installer is telling that DBD::File is useless with DBI. Do you know
any workaround or any other Perl module that allows to process XML


Jan Pips

Re: DBD::RAM on FreeBSD

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XML::Simple and XML::Parser are the first two that come to mind - but there
is a large number of modules dealing with XML. Go to http://search.cpan.org/
, select Distributions from the drop down menu, and then enter in XML.


Re: DBD::RAM on FreeBSD

Jan Pips wrote:
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1) DBD::File is part of the DBI bundle, so the assertion
that "its useless with DBI" is a bit confusing. Have you installed
DBI properly ? How are you installing it, via a manual make/make install
or via PPM or some other packaging ?

2) DBD::RAM hasn't been updated in a while; perhaps you're
really looking for DBD::AnyData ?

3) You might have better luck getting a response on

4) There are many, *many* different XML packages
on CPAN (maybe too many!), so you need to be a bit
clearer as to your actual needs.

Dean Arnold
Presicient Corp.

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