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on HP-UX (and probably anything unix-like) you don't need a full oracle
client installation to compile DBD::Oracle; a couple headers and the
libclntsh@(.sl|.so) are enough.

I don't want to install a working Oracle client on my PC at home; has
anybody tried to compile DBD::Oracle on cygwin using the minimum files
(as described above)
supposing one registers the needed *dll, it seems theoretically doable....
any comments?


Re: DBD::Oracle on cygwin

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 Yep, make sure you're using the latest DBD::Oracle (1.17), I contributed a
couple of minor patches which avoid some misleading Unicode test failures on
Cygwin due to quirks with how it sets environment variables interacting with
native libraries.

 Install Oracle Instant Client, Basic + SDK + SQL*Plus packages.

 Set ORACLE_HOME environment variable to the _Windows_ style path to where you
unpacked instant client (e.g. c:\oracle\instantclient_10_2).

 Include the _Cygwin_ style path to the Oracle directory in PATH (e.g.

 Then set everything else as normal (ORACLE_USERID for a login for the tests,
NLS_LANG if necessary) and it should build and test without problems.

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