DBD::Oracle issues

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  I am a newbie trying to install DBD::Oracle on a linux box. The
Oracle server is on a remote host.

I read online that I would have to install the Oracle Instantclient to
be able to do so.

I followed the instructions on one site and did the following:

made a directory 'instantclient'
location: /home/ralf/instantclient

'instantclient' directory has the following files.

I made another directory 'lib' inside 'instantclient' and moved all
the files into 'lib'

Then i created a symbolic link to  libclntsh.so by doing the following
on command prompt.
$ ln -s libclntsh.so.10.1 libclntsh.so

Exported the ORACLE_HOME and LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables
$ export ORACLE_HOME=/home/ralf/instantclient

Then I did the following:
cpan> install DBD::Oracle.

It failed saying:
Trying to find an ORACLE_HOME
Your LD_LIBRARY_PATH env var is set to ''

Warning: No success on command[/usr/bin/perl Makefile.PL]
Running make test
 Make had some problems, won't test
Running make install
 Make had some problems, won't install
Failed during this command:
 PYTHIAN/DBD-Oracle-1.19.tar.gz               : writemakefile NO
'/usr/bin/perl Makefile.PL' returned status 512


Re: DBD::Oracle issues

The easiest way to install cpan perl modules is to use ppm (whcih comes
with the PERL interpreter).  It will automatically download and install
any dependant modules that the module you are interested in needs.

On a computer with an internet connection, open a command line
interpreter window and key:


you should see:

PPM - Programmer's Package Manager version 3.4.
Copyright (c) 2001 ActiveState Software Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

Entering interactive shell. Using Term::ReadLine::Perl as readline

Type 'help' to get started.

At the ppm prompt, key "search" followed by the first part of the
module name you are looking for (do NOT include ::)

search dbd

ppm> search dbd
Searching in Active Repositories
   1. DBD-ADO                 [2.96] DBD-ADO
   2. DBD-AnyData             [0.08] DBD-AnyData
   3. DBD-Chart               [0.80] DBD-Chart
   4. DBD-CSV                 [0.22] DBD-CSV
   5. DBD-Excel               [0.06] DBD-Excel
   6. DBD-File                [0.35] DBD-File
   7. DBD-LDAP                [0.09] DBD-LDAP
   8. DBD-Log                 [0.21] DBD-Log
   9. DBD-Mimer               [1.00] DBD-Mimer
  10. DBD-Mock                [1.34] DBD-Mock
  11. DBD-Multiplex         [1.99-1] DBD-Multiplex
  12. DBD-mysql             [3.0002] DBD-mysql
  13. DBD-mysql-SimpleMySQL    [0.5] DBD-mysql-SimpleMySQL
  14. DBD-mysqlPP             [0.04] DBD-mysqlPP
  15. DBD-ODBC                [1.13] DBD-ODBC
  16. DBD-Oracle              [1.17] DBD-Oracle
  17. DBD-Ovrimos             [0.12] DBD-Ovrimos
  18. DBD-PgPP                [0.05] DBD-PgPP
  19. DBD-Redbase             [0.21] DBD-Redbase
  20. DBD-Sprite              [0.59] DBD-Sprite
  21. DBD-SQLite              [1.13] DBD-SQLite
  22. DBD-SQLite2             [0.33] DBD-SQLite2
  23. DBD-SQLrelay             [0.1] DBD-SQLrelay
  24. DBD-Template            [0.01] DBD-Template
---line 24/27 (any key for more, or q to quit)---

Look for the module you are interested in.
In this case, it is item 16 in the list.
The name that appears is the name you should use to install the module.

At the ppm prompt, key "install DBD-Oracle"

ppm install DBD-Oracle

To quit ppm, type "exit" at the ppm prompt.

Re: DBD::Oracle issues

Thanks Andy!
   I don't have ppm. but it is equally easy using cpan. All i gotta do
is "install DBD::Oracle".
The problem however seems to be with the installation of
'InstantClient' and not finding the appropriate ENV variables. Do you
have any ideas on that?


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Re: DBD::Oracle issues

I went onto cpan and looked at the DBD::Oracle module.  Its
documentation indicates it is dependant upon DBI, found at the
following link:


Have you tried to install DBI?


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