DBD::mysql test errors on Win32

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Hello All,

   I am trying to build DBD::mysql for Win32, but am having a few
errors on the 'nmake test'.  The compiler is MS VS.NET 2003, version of
mysqlclient.lib is 4.1.13a and the version of perl is 5.8.5.  We do not
use ActiveState Perl, so I do not have the option of using the
pre-built module (or perhaps I could as long as the correct version of
mySQL library, 4.1.13a, is linked in).  I am statically linking the
mysqlclient.lib file in.  This was built from source as the provided
library created unresolved symbols when linking (and the solution
suggested was to build from source).  Below is an excerpt from the
'nmake test' which shows the error.  I can post more information if
required, but did not to make this post too long.  Thank you for any
insight into what this error message means.


        all skipped: $ENV is not set or Proc::ProcessTable
not installed
t\ak-dbd.............ok 1/90DBD::mysql::FIELD_TYPE_STRING: Not defined
at t\ak-dbd.t line 68
        Test returned status 255 (wstat 65280, 0xff00)
DIED. FAILED tests 2-90
        Failed 89/90 tests, 1.11% okay
t\akmisc.............ok 22/351Mysql::FIELD_TYPE_STRING: Not defined in
Mysql and not autoloadable (last try fieldtypestring) at t\akmisc.t
line 252
        Test returned status 255 (wstat 65280, 0xff00)
DIED. FAILED tests 23-351
        Failed 329/351 tests, 6.27% okay

Re: DBD::mysql test errors on Win32

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Yes - I think you'll find that the ActiveState binary works fine with your
perl (assuming they've built their binary against a suitable version of the
mySQL library). ActiveState binaries will generally work fine with a perl
built using MS VS.NET 2003. Exceptions are possible - I know only of one
such exception (Win32::SharedFileOpen) ...... well .... it would be an
exception ..... except that last time I looked, ActiveState didn't have a
binary for it anyway :-)

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Can't really help much with that. Looks like 2 different (but probably
connected) complaints. First complaint is that DBD::mysql::FIELD_TYPE_STRING
(which is a perl constant) is not defined, and second complaint is that the
Mysql library constant FIELD_TYPE_STRING is not defined. One thing you could
do is to find out from the Mysql folk whether or not FIELD_TYPE_STRING
should exist in your particular version of the Mysql library. (Or maybe
there's something in a Mysql library Change log that will give you that


Re: DBD::mysql test errors on Win32

Thank you for the reply - I should make sure to check in when posting
right before the weekend...  I'll check out the ActiveState PERL and
see what versions they have.  Also, I'll check my version of the
mysqlclient.lib to make sure that it has all required symbols.  If it
is not defined in the .lib, then that is probably why it does not exist
in the .pm (although I am not very familiar with calling C code from
PERL).  Again, thank you for the insight; it gives me somewhere else to

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