DBD:Excel on unix machine

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Hi, folks.
Is anyone know if its possible to use Excel DBD on unix machine,
I tried to do it, after installation of all packges i ran the most
popular sctipt in the net:
use DBI;
   $hDb = DBI->connect("DBI:Excel:file=test.xls")
       or die "Cannot connect: " . $DBI::errstr;
   $hSt = $hDb->prepare("CREATE TABLE a (id INTEGER, name CHAR(10))")
       or die "Cannot prepare: " . $hDb->errstr();
   $hSt->execute() or die "Cannot execute: " . $hSt->errstr();

but always receive an error:
DBI connect('file=test.xls','',...) failed: (no error string) at
test.pl line 2
Cannot connect:  at test.pl line 2.

Thanks in advance

Re: DBD:Excel on unix machine

yan.vulich@gmail.com wrote:
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Does your xls file exist?

I get that error when the xls file I am trying to open does not exist.

To hunt down the problem, I've tried to make the DBD::Excel module give
better error messages by making this change:

#3.check file and parse it
    $DBD::Excel::errstr="No file given", return undef unless($hDb->);
    my $oExcel = new Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::SaveParser;
    my $oBook = $oExcel->Parse($hDb->, $rhAttr->);
    $DBD::Excel::errstr="Can't seem to get a book from your excel file",
       return undef unless defined $oBook;

Since I've never dealt with DBD internals before, this very well might not
be the right way to do this--I can only claim it was right enough to help
me track this specific problem down.


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