Database issues with SOAP::LITE

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Hi All,

I am creating a web service in soap environment from which i am
inserting some data into database written in perl.

Whenever i use the DBD::Oracle module, i am getting 500 internal
server error.

Can anyone help me out wher i am doing wrong?

Thanks & Regards


Re: Database issues with SOAP::LITE

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Is there any reason to think that SOAP::Lite has anything at all to do with
it?  Can you connect to Oracle fine if you don't use SOAP::Lite in the same
CGI program?

in the subject if it is
actually DBD::Oracle?

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You might not have your Oracle-specific environment variables set up
properly in the account that runs the Perl script.  Look in the httpd error
logs for the specific error message.  Or maybe
use CGI::Carp qw(fatalsToBrowser);
before you try to connect to Oracle.


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Re: Database issues with SOAP::LITE

On Jul 3, 6:29 pm, wrote:
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I am calling that db_insert web service function written in a separate
cgi(may be in a different server) from a calling pl(in my server). The
error occurs in that cgi. I have to call that function through soap.
But its not working...

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