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Anyone with experience using this module--the following code fragment is
supposed to run a sub after menu item selection is finished.

What *actually* happens is that *every one* of the subs is run (in order)
after menu item selection is finished.

I must be missing something simple, but I've run out of ideas.

MENUS       => {                                                              
    MENUORDER   => [qw(Encrypt Decrypt Verify Sign Clearsign ListKeys)],        
    Encrypt        => {                                                        
      ITEMORDER => [('SingleFile','GlobbedFiles')],                            
      'SingleFile'      => \&return_selection1("single"),                      
      'GlobbedFiles'     => \&return_selection1("glob"),                        
    Decrypt        => {                                                        
      ITEMORDER => [('SingleFile','GlobbedFiles')],                            
      'SingleFile'      => \&return_selection2("single"),                      
      'GlobbedFiles'      => \&return_selection2("glob"),                      

Any suggestions appreciated.

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