Crypt::Tea becomes Crypt::Tea_JS

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Greetings.  In a thread ages ago, the problem was discussed that Windows
users were unable to install both my Crypt::Tea and Abhijit Menon-Sen's
Crypt::TEA. The consensus solution was that I move my module from
Crypt::Tea to Crypt::Tea_PPJS.

Shortly afterward, users started to contact me about perhaps moving to
the New Tea alorithm, which offers even stronger encryption. As that
was obviously going to destroy backward compatibility, I decided to
make that move at the same time as the module name change.

For improved performance, I also wanted to move to XS to reimplement
some of the innermost Perl subs in C, and I likewise decided to make
that move at the same time as well.  However, that contradicted the PP
part of the Crypt::Tea_PPJS name, so I shortened it to Crypt::Tea_JS.

This took ages as it was my first XS effort, but it has now taken place :-)

Crypt::Tea version 2.09 is mature, and apart perhaps from minor bug fixes
it will probably remain as the final version of Crypt::Tea.  Use it to
read previously-encrypted files, or verify previously-stored signatures.

Crypt::Tea_JS starts at version 2.10, which I've just uploaded.
It is the preferred option for all encryptions.  The calling interface
is identical, the only line that changes is "use Crypt::Tea_JS".


Regards, Peter

Peter Billam,  DPIWE/ILS/CIT/Servers,  hbt/lnd/l8,  6233 3061

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