Crypt::SSLeay + OpenSSL 0.9.8

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IRC #news (yeah!) drawed my attention to

* rssbot [annocpan] Crypt::SSLeay -

which reads:
thowland (2006-07-20 13:59:15)
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It looks like Crypt::SSLeay isn't compatible with openSSL 0.9.8b (the  
latest version as of 7/2006).
There's a discussion at

that covers a minor modification to the XS file that allows it to test  

That RT entry is very interresting, as it has a fix, but I'm sure most of  
CPAN users
are unable to figure out how and what is to be changed.

I would like to see a 0.52 release, but I'm not sure if the maintainer is  
still active
and/or actively maintaining the module. I mailed him, but got no reply yet.

Re: Crypt::SSLeay + OpenSSL 0.9.8

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yes, it's a bit confusing. Looks to me that 3 different fixes have been

1)Change line 110 of SSLeay.xs from:

2) Simply remove (or comment out) line 110 of SSLeay.xs.

3) Change line 124 from an empty line (as it currently is) to:

If that's correct it might be a good idea to post something along those
lines to RT so that others can easily follow what's needed. If you have a
recommendation on which of the fixes is best, it wouldn't hurt to specify
your preference, too. Number 2) looks a little simplistic to me, and I
wonder if it offers the milage of 1) and/or 3) .... but I'm not in a
position to test.

I think Gisle Aas is still active, n'est-ce pas ??
He might still be able to upload a patched version to that namespace if
Joshua can't be bothered doing it.


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