Creating spokes with SVG::TT::Graph::Pie

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Hi all,

Perl 5.8.4
Windows XP / Solaris 10

I've had good success with SVG::TT::Graph::Pie.  However, I've noticed
that if I have more than one small pie slice, the data labels become
too crowded.  Is there a way to create "spokes" of some sort that let
me set the data labels just outside of the image itself, with a line to
the appropriate pie slice?

Here's some sample code to demonstrate what I mean.  You'll notice that
the 'Dual SVC' labels all kind of blend into each other.

use strict;
use SVG::TT::Graph::Pie;

my @fields = (
   'Install', 'Change', 'Disconnect', 'T', 'F', 'Dual SVC',
   'Dual SVC Install', 'Dual SVC Disconnect'

my @data = qw/
   26264 12193 13606 4161 2638 1004 997 794

my $graph = SVG::TT::Graph::Pie->new({
   fields           => \@fields,
   show_data_labels => 1,
   graph_title      => 'Integrator',
   show_graph_title => 1,
   key => 1,
   key_placement => 'B',

   'data'  => \@data,
   'title' => 'Count',

open(FH, ">test.svg") or die "Unable to open file: $!\n";
print FH $graph->burn();


If this isn't possible atm, consider this a feature request. :)

I would submit a patch, but I'm afraid my SVG skills are woefully



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