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Hi, there

I used h2xs to package my module, but now as i see that's not a very good
practice. For instance, `make dist` produces META.yml: with no license
record. (Also i wondering why Carp and CGI modules used in my module don't
counted in 'requires' record...)

I'm i right? Is there any other (configurable) tools useful for packaging
modules for CPAN?

Al Nikolov
IRC: clown

Re: CPAN, packaging tools, META.yml

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h2xs is not a packaging tool. It's a helper for initial module and
distribution creation, probably interfacing a C library (hence the

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You can take care of META.yml yourself, just put NO_META => 1 into
your Makefile.PL.

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Strictly speaking, CGI and Carp do not need to be listed as a
PREREQ_PM (or requires), as these modules are included in every recent
perl5 standard distribution. That speaking, the existence of minimal
perl distributions is possible, so mentioning them does not hurt.

Usually you're yourself responsible to fill the dependency fields.
There are helper modules to get the list of dependencies, e.g.

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Probably. Look into the Module:: hierarchy.


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