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I have developed a server security system that detects and blocks
unauthorized automated access (bots, crawlers, scrapers, etc).

I implemented a version of the system in Mod_Perl, and I am interested
in contributing it as a CPAN module, but I have a few questions.

1) The system is a mix of proprietary and open source software.  The
software installed on a user's server is all open source, but the core
functionality of the system is written as stored functions in MySQL,
and the software has to connect to my database servers in order to

I will probably always offer free accounts with a limited number of
requests per month, but I will definitely be charging subscription
fees for larger sites in the future.

Is this service structure acceptable for a module being submitted to

2) How should this be named?  Would Apache2::SpiderSquash be an
acceptable name?

SpiderSquash is the name of the software, and it is written for Apache/
Mod_Perl 2.  Any other suggestions?

3) Is there any common practice for how modules written for Apache
should be tested?  Could you recommend some modules that do testing
right that I could look at?

4) Apache::DBI is not technically required, but running this without
persistent db connections is ridiculous.  Should I require Apache::DBI
in my code, even though it is a requirement for reasonable
performance, and not a technical requirement for the code to run?

5) Any other suggestions?

For more information on the software see:
Current Perl Module:

Ersun Warncke

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