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      CryptoSMS - triple encrypted SMS protects the confidentiality of your
short messages to provide secure SMS.
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    <META NAME="description" CONTENT="CryptoSMS is built for paranoia, to
protect your private SMS messages with a triple strength Crypto Laminate">
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    <META NAME="generator" CONTENT="Crypto SMS">
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    <LINK REL="shortcut icon" HREF=" "
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  <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
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      document.location.href = "mailto:" + user + "@" + domain + "?subject=" +
subj + "&";
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            CryptoSMS &trade; - Protecting your confidential SMS messages.
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        <A HREF=" "><B>Does CryptoSMS
protect me?</B></A>
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            CryptoSMS is designed to provide secure SMS messaging for even the
most paranoid of users.
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             Encrypted SMS is becoming increasingly important as incidents of
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href=" ">SMS
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href=" /">SMS
spoofing</a>, and
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            <a href=" ">SMS
interception</a> multiply. Your PocketPC or SmartPhone is protected against
these SMS attacks when you send secure SMS messages with CryptoSMS.
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             CryptoSMS secures your private SMS messages by encrypting with a
triple layer Crypto-Laminate &trade; of three strong ciphers, <A
HREF=" ">as recommended by
leading cryptographic experts</A>.
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            CryptoSMS (v0.59i) is available now!
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            This release features an interface to the Contacts database, so you
can look up numbers easily.
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you it's confessing far. -->
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            This release also supports more formats for "larger" content
(sometimes known as <I>LMS</I>, <A
HREF=" "><I>long SMS</I></A>,
or <A HREF=" "><I>concatenated
SMS</I></A>) allowing you to send encrypted SMS messages up to 1000 characters
in length.
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            CryptoSMS has been tested on <A HREF=" /">O2</A>,
<A HREF=" ">Qtek</A>, <A
HREF=" ">iMate</A>, <A
HREF=" ">Samsung</A>,
<A HREF=" ">Orange</A>,
<A HREF=" ">Motorola</A>, and <A
HREF=" /">Blackberry</A> devices.
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            We are seeking test users for other platforms, particularly
SmartPhones or PocketPCs built on MIPS or SH3 processors, and will make custom
compilations on request.
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            Free lifetime registrations are provided to all software testers, as
well as to bona fide political, religious, and activist organisations.
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            Drop an email to <a
href="javascript:mailto('','BetaTest','Free CryptoSMS Licence');">
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            <img border=0 align=middle
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            to arrange your free registered copy of CryptoSMS and begin sending
secure encrypted SMS today.
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          Copyright 2006 CryptoSMS ..... All Rites Reversed
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