Class::MethodMaker v2 syntax help requested

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I've read about Class::MethodMaker in Damian Conway's 'Object Oriented
Perl'.  It uses v1 syntax.  The latest v2 documentation is extremely
minimal, not to mention full of typos.  I've googled everywhere looking
for v2 examples especially for -init and -default behavior examples,
but no luck.

Could a kind soul help me by converting Damian's v1 example to v2
syntax?  It follows below.

package CD::Music;
$VERSION = 4.00;
use strict;

use Class::MethodMaker
    new_with_init => 'new',
    new_hash_init => '_init_args',
    static_hash   => 'counter',
    get_set       => [ qw( name artist publisher ISBN tracks rating room
shelf ) ] ;

sub count    { $_[0]->counter('count') }
sub _incr_count    { $_[0]->counter_tally('count') }
sub _decr_count    { $_[0]->counter(count=>$_[0]->counter('count')-1) }

sub init
    my ($self, %args) = @_;
    return $self;

# destructor adjusts object count
sub DESTROY { $_[0]->_decr_count() }

# get or set room and shelf together
sub location
    my ($self, $room, $shelf) = @_;
    $self->room($room) if $room;
    $self->shelf($shelf) if $shelf;
    return ($self->room, $self->shelf)

package main;
# Create an object storing a CD's details
my $cd = CD::Music->new(
            name      => "Piano Concerto 20",
            artist    => "Mozart",
            rating    => 10,
            room      => 5,
            shelf     => 1,
            publisher => "Salieri Intl.",
            ISBN      => "1426-43235624-2",

# What's the CD called?
print $cd->name, "\n";
print $cd->artist, "\n";
print $cd->rating, "\n";
print $cd->room, "\n";

# Where would we find it?
printf "Room %s, shelf %s\n", $cd->location;

# Move it to room 5, shelf 3
printf "Room %s, shelf %s\n", $cd->location;

$cd->name("Tacobell Cannon");
print $cd->name, "\n";
print $cd->tracks, "\n";

print "There have been ", CD::Music->count(), " CDs created\n";

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