Class::DBI and Ruby ActiveRecord::Associations ER diagram/macros

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I would appreciate Perl developers comments on the
"ActiveRecord::Associations ER diagram/macros" [1] Ruby Forum topic and
"Ruby on Rails Associations macro-methods for tying objects together through
foreign" [2] Usenet message. I don't know much about Ruby and Perl and
wonder how and why the Class:DBI [3] Perl module is related to the
"ActiveRecord::Associations::ClassMethods" [4] Ruby module. They both use
the same terminology and I don't think it's a coļncidence.

In fact it's a comment to the "Simplify Business Logic with PHP DataObjects"
[5] article that led me on this Perl community : « The greatest
part about it is that you can declare relationships between classes/tables
by indicating that a certain column in your table either is a foreign key
(has_a) or that your table's primary key is referenced from another one
(has_many). All the joins will then happen behind the scenes and you can use
simple accessors to navigate your relations. ». The full comment references
the Class:DBI Perl module and strongly recommand reading the "How to Avoid
Writing Code : Using Template Toolkit and Class::DBI" [6] article.


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