CGI::TabPane V 1.04

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The pure Perl module CGI::TabPane V 1.04
is available immediately from CPAN,
and from .

On-line docs, and a *.ppd for ActivePerl are also
available from the latter site.

An extract from the docs:

1.04  Mon Jul 19 14:43:00 2004
    - Change Makefile.PL to coexist with Module::Build
    - Move a few CSS declarations around between the *.css files, to help clean
these files up.
            You should notice nothing
    - Change the default margin and padding for forms, from 0 to 5 pixels. See
final.css lines 14 .. 15.
        In this case, you should now notice a coloured frame around your forms
    - Note: Firefox V 0.9.1 fails to properly handle the CSS required to display
multiple panes stacked
        vertically when the last pane is wider than the panes above it. However it
does better job than
        IE V 6.0.2800 at handling the width of the tab on a pane with one tab below a
pane of several tabs.
        You are encouraged to report all bugs to the appropriate developers
    - Add t/pod.t to test all PODs
Ron Savage, on 29/07/2004

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