CGI::Simple::Standard and CGI::Alert authors are unresponsive

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Hi all,

I'm disappointed to see CPAN's total lack of a resolution policy if
authors of buggy (but otherwise useful) modules become unresponsive, so
I'm posting here as I have no idea what else I can do.  I've been unable
to contact the authors of the two modules listed in the subject by their
CPAN listed e-mail address (after waiting weeks), and I've found very
nasty bugs in both their modules.  What can I do to get them fixed?  At
the moment, I'm having to maintain a local copy of both of these modules
because I can't use the buggy vesions currently up on CPAN.

Best regards,
Jeremy Morton (Jez)

Re: CGI::Simple::Standard and CGI::Alert authors are unresponsive

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Often when authors become unresponsive it means that they have abandoned the
module. However, it seems that the CGI::Simple author (Andy Armstrong) is
still actively maintaining that module - it was updated just over a
fortnight ago. How have you tried to contact him ?

Some things  to do in order to attract the attention of an author are to :
1) submit a bug report to ( ) - for which
you'll need a Bitcard or PAUSE account;
2) contact the author via email at the address given in the module's
3) post to (as the author seems to
have subscribed)

There *is* a procedure one can go thru to take over the maintainership of an
abandoned module (and it looks like CGI::Alert may have been abandoned as
there's no sign of activity from that module's author for about 3 years).
However, whilst I'm sure I've seen accounts of what that procedure is, I'm
damned if I can find it ... which is annoying. If you search you may well
find it ... I'm hopelesss when it comes to finding stuff :-)


Re: CGI::Simple::Standard and CGI::Alert authors are unresponsive

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Here's pretty much what I was looking for:

How do I adopt or take over a module already on CPAN?

The easiest way to take over a module is to have the current module
maintainer either make you a co-maintainer or transfer the module to you.

If you can't reach the author for some reason (e.g. email bounces), the
PAUSE admins at can help. The PAUSE admins treat each case

  1.. Get a login for the Perl Authors Upload Server (PAUSE) if you don't
already have one:
  2.. Write to explaining what you did to contact the
current maintainer. The PAUSE admins will also try to reach the maintainer.
  3.. Post a public message in a heavily trafficed site announcing your
intention to take over the module.
  4.. Wait a bit. The PAUSE admins don't want to act too quickly in case the
current maintainer is on holiday. If there's no response to private
communication or the public post, a PAUSE admin can transfer it to you.

The above has been added to perlfaq 7, and the CPAN ( ) and PAUSE ( ) FAQs.


Re: CGI::Simple::Standard and CGI::Alert authors are unresponsive

Sisyphus wrote:
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I e-mailed them too.  Got no response.  Yay.

Best regards,
Jeremy Morton (Jez)

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