CGI & LWP::UserAgent - forwarding cookies - how?

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I am developing a CGI application (using CGI module), which upon
processing (when user submit) will contact a second httpd server using

The issue is, I need to forward some cookies (authentication cookies) -
that the application receievd - to the second server. I know
LWP::UserAgent use HTTP::Cookies to represent it cookie jar, but I
cannot find out how I can inject a new cookie into  the jar, especially
when the cookie came from a CGI application.

Any ideas how I can do this? Can I somehow inject "raw_cookie" from CGI
directly into LWP::UserAgent?

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Re: CGI & LWP::UserAgent - forwarding cookies - how?

On 01/15/2007 02:25 PM, S P Arif Sahari Wibowo wrote:
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perldoc lwpcook
perldoc LWP::UserAgent
perldoc HTTP::Cookies

Without seeing any code, all I can suggest is that you create a cookie
jar, add the desired cookie to it using the set_cookie method and attach
the cookie jar to an LWP::UserAgent object using LWP::UserAgent's
cookie_jar method.

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