Catalog() in Win32::ODBC for MySQL

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I'm trying to pull the table information from MySQL using the Catalog()
method and it gives me errors...

Here's an example of my code:
use Win32::ODBC;
my($db) = new Win32::ODBC("dsn=mysqldb;uid=user;pwd=pass");

if( $db->Catalog( '', '', '', "'TABLE','SYSTEM TABLE'" ) )
    my %Data;
    print "Available tables:\n";
    while( $db->FetchRow( %Data ) )
        print "\t" . $Data . "\n";
        #print "[";

This DSN maps to a database that has just one table in it.  When I run
this it gives me an error in "Use of uninitialized value in
numeric ne (!=) at C:/Perl/site/lib/Win32/ line 291." which I
think is just because it doesn't grab any results from the database.

If I use the db->TableList that works, but I need the schema
information.  I don't want to resort to running SQL statements against
the system tables or using any list tables type of statements because
eventually I want to make this portable enough to run on an Oracle
database too so I'm trying to stick to built-in Win32::ODBC methods.

Any ideas anybody?

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the fittest group, but that is also not the best way to get answers.
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