Can't find Module IP::Address

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Hi All,

I need a small help.
This module has been used by automation team at my company earlier but
i am unable to locate it on CPAN.

Can someone point me to the location? I need to use this module itself
not another substitute as this helps me build on existing automation.

Thanks & Regards

Re: Can't find Module IP::Address

In article

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Perhaps it is a locally-written module. Do you have the source? Can you
contact the author of the program you are using?

Jim Gibson

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Re: Can't find Module IP::Address

Saurabh Pahuja wrote:
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The only reference to it that I can find is that Net::Subnet::Count from
2000 or so uses it. My memory is trying to tell me that I've used
something called that at some time in the past, but I may well be
confusing it with something else.

If I were you I would be tempted to build a fašade module. Create a module


which acts as a wrapper around something that you *can* find that
provides similar functionality - Net::IP or NetAddr::IP, for example. If
IP::Address has a method call "foo", for example, then you would need to
forward this call on to method "bar" in the wrapped module. You may need
to transform parameters before forwarding.


Re: Can't find Module IP::Address

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Can't even find it on backpan -
is empty.


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