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I have large set of data.

I want to plot CDF for that I want to calculate cdf (cumulative
distribution function).

on CPAN I found one module Math::CDF.

but not sure how to use it.

there is function called pnorm($x). but what is $x? how can I get
value of $x.

is there anyother method to calculate CDF.

Re: Calculate CDF wrote:
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Three minutes before you posted this question, you asked the same
question at comp.lang.perl.misc. Multi-posting is considered bad manners.

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

Re: Calculate CDF

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5 MB?  5 GB?  5 TB?  5 PB?

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$x is the deviate.  Math::CDF works on theoretical distributions, not
empirical ones.

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Sort your data, then "cumulate" it.  If you already know the bins you want
to use, you can bin it without sorting.


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