Bot::BasicBot install problems

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Hi there,

I excuse for being a newbie to Perl-modules; however, not to Perl.
That said, I have the following problem: I want to install the Bot::BasicBot
package to my Linux system (Suse 10), however the installation isn't really
straightforward. It seems to need a lot of other modules, which the
installation simply does not fetch automatically. It needs POE:: stuff, and I
don't know which, and where to get it.
Isn't there any easy way to install Bot::BasicBot and all its needed modules
in one swoop? I always use the usual

perl Makefile.PL
make install

but that just doesn't do it all.

Thanks for your help...

Re: Bot::BasicBot install problems

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There is a CPAN module that will install prerequisite modules for you.
Use this command to run the CPAN shell:

   sudo perl -MCPAN -e shell

and, if it is the first time you run this command, answer the
questions. Most of the defaults work. Pay attention to the dependencies
question and answer appropriately (can't remember exactly what the
question or answers are, however).

Re: Bot::BasicBot install problems

Jim Gibson wrote:
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With a reasonably current CPAN, you get a stub script called cpan which
is equivalent to all of the above but 'sudo'.

You may _not_ want to sudo cpan, because of problems with the ownership
of your gpg key file, if any. When you configure CPAN, you will get the
opportunity to tell it to 'sudo make' on the install, instead of just
'make'. has information to help you pick your list of

Tom Wyant

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