Benchmark::Timer 0.6 released

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- Benchmark::Timer allows you to time portions of code conveniently, as well
   as benchmark code by allowing timings of repeated trials. It is perfect for
   when you need more precise information about the running time of portions of
   your code than the Benchmark module will give you, but don't want to go all
   out and profile your code.
- This release adds statistical sampling functionality, answering the common
   question "How many trials are enough?"

- You can download Benchmark::Timer from CPAN:
- Until the file propagates to the mirrors, you can use the following URL:

- Maintenance of the module transferred to David Coppit
- License changed to GNU GPL.
- Improved reporting to support multiple tags
- Added statistical sampling, allowing the user to time code until a certain
   confidence level is reached. (Added error() and confidence() to support this

See the README for additional notes.

A complete change log is at:


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