basic (I hope) mod_perl and CGI question

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I'm trying to use custom authentication and authorization scripts with
the PerlAuthenHandler and PerlAuthzHandler directives.  These work like
a champ for PHP and HTML pages;  however, when I try using them for a
CGI script thay appear to be ignored.   I've added the following to my
httpd.conf file:

<Location /cgi-bin>
SetHandler  perl-script
Options ExecCGI
PerlModule Apache::Registry
PerlSendHeader On
PerlAuthenHandler name-of-module
PerlAuthzHandler name-of-module

But it still seems like the authentication and authorization step
simply gets skipped - no output in Apache error log from my modules.
Any suggestions?



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Hi Stan,

join the mod_perl mailing list. I think they will help you.

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Good luck.

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