BackupPlan: new module, which namespace

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I am planning to add a new module to CPAN,

A short description is as follows (and usage below)

"App::BackupPlan is a simple module to perform regular, selective and
backups of your system. It requires an xml file with the
specification of your backup plan, logically divided into independent tasks.
The constructor also takes a log4perl configuration file, to customise the
logging produced.
This can be omitted if the default logging behaviour is desired."

I was planning to give it the namespace App::BackupPlan

Do you think App is the suitable location?


Gualtiero Chiaia


This perl module was written with an automated backup functionality in mind.
So, even if it can
be run manually and on demand, it is best suited to be integrated in a
regular batch (overnight maybe)
or even better as a B<cron> task. To facilitate this task there is a script
client in the bin
directory of this distribution, B<>, which can be easily scheduled
as cron task and, that can be run
as follow: C< -c /pathto/plan.xml -l /pathto/log4perl.conf> when
using I<system> B<tar>, or as
C< -c /pathto/plan.xml -l /pathto/log4perl.conf -t perl> for
I<perl> B<tar>.  

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