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I want to update the installed site_lib automatically in batch-mode.
Is there a module for this?
I've tried the following :

my $cb      = CPANPLUS::Backend->new( );
my @modules = $cb->installed();
foreach $mod (@modules) {
  if ( !$mod->is_uptodate() && !$mod->package_is_perl_core()) {
    print "INSTALL:\t" , $mod->name(), "\t" , $mod->installed_version() ,"-" , $mod->version() ,"\n";
    $rc = $mod->install(verbose=>TRUE) ;
    print "INSTALLATION " , $rc ? "OK!\n" : "NOOK !\n";


But there are problems:
 interactivity - i.e. Mail::Mbox::MessageParser asks for the location of bzips,gzip ...
 packages      - i.e. GD::Graph installs all Submodules with the whole module, therefore I get n times GD::Graph

any ideas?


Steffen Netz

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