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     I need the expertise of the members that know how to implement
the Authen::PAM module.  I have tried to seek documentation on it so I
didn't need to come here, but couldn't find anything in depth in CPAN
or the authors homepage (or other pages for that matter).  I am trying
to provide authentication via a web app using the actual system
accounts instead of maintaining a separate database of users.  I know
there are benefits to both approaches, but this is the one I am
taking.  Any how, I come across Authen::PAM, but I can't get it to
work.  Whenever I run the "my $result = $pam->pam_authenticate;" line,
it always fails with an "Error in service module".  I tried looking up
this error on the web and came across various posts that basically
point to misconfiguration with PAM.  Everything else that interacts
with PAM (login, ssh, etc) all work just fine so I know it's not a
problem with PAM.  I can provide code for anyone who needs it.  I
greatly appreciate your help.


Re: authentication

On May 17, 12:46=A0pm, wrote:
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bump for help

Re: authentication

On May 18, 2:11=A0pm, wrote:
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I ended up changing over to Authen::SimplePam in favor of a more
simple interface.  I am still having issues with this module.  Can
someone either help me or direct me in the right location?

Re: authentication

On May 21, 8:53=A0am, wrote:
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If nobody can tell me about this module to do authentication, can
someone give me a different one to use that I can get help with (using
PAM authentication)?


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