Audio DSP Usage in primitive sound cards

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Hello All!

I am working on speech recognition.  I am using Audio::DSP  PERL
module for reading the sound card directly.  It works fine for my
sound card.  Its specifications are:

Ensoniq ES1371 - external sound card.

But, when I tried installing Audio::DSP on a system with in-built
sound card, it exited giving the following error

"Unable to set format".

Can't we use Audio::DSP on such machines?  Is there any way to work
around this problem?

Previously, I was using brec to record.  Then in the in-built sound
card, sampling rate was fixed at a higher rate but couldn't  change
it.  So, we recorded at that rate and down-sampled it using sox.  Can
some thing like this be done?

Thanks in advance,


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