async Net::LDAP

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Im lost.

I *deperately* need to figure out the async mode of Net::LDAP.  I need
to write some benchmarking code that sends out multiple simultaneous
LDAP operations to the server via a single bind session, and then times
the results.  I cant figure out how to use it, and there are *no*
examples that I can find that explain how to use it.  My assumption was
that I could set async mode on the Net::LDAP object, set a callback on
each operation and when the operation came back, it would trigger the
callback routine.  Is this completely incorrect?  When I try it, unless
I call $result->code, I get absolutely nothing, and calling
$result->code completely defeats the point of having async mode doesn't
it?  Also, rather confusingly, for each operation I perform (when I can
get it to actually perform the operation), the callback subroutine is
being executed twice (and only a single search result is being returned
- I am sure about that).  Does anyone have any idea why this might be?

All I am looking for is a simple async example - why isn't one included
in the documentation?

Can someone *please* help me?


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