Archive::Tar and how to handle *.bz2 archives?

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What is are the modules to work efficiently with archives
that used bzip2 compression?


There seem to be CPAN modules

But the integration of these to handle bz2 archives is not mentioned.
Could someone point me to example code or further ideas?


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Re: Archive::Tar and how to handle *.bz2 archives?

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Afaik Archive::Tar doesn't handle bz2 archives. So you'll have to use
Compress::Bzip2 to handle the compression/decompression, and Archive::Tar to
handle the tarring/untarring.

The test scripts that come with the source of both modules should contain
code that you'll find helpful. And there's also 'perldoc Archive::Tar' and
'perldoc Compress::Bzip2'.


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