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Hello all

I'm trying to use subj. But i can't get what "$id" it's supposed to be when
"tie %session, Apache::Session::Flex, $id...". I believe the "{Generate =>
'ModUsertrack'}" fetches the cookie, parses it and should do all the work
needed with session id stored in it, i.e. "INSERT INTO sessions..." or just
"SELECT FROM..." it, regarding on existence of the correspondent record.

But i have a situation:

die 'Object does not exist in database...'
        if $id eq 'some shit';
die '...duplicate key violates unique constraint "pk_sessions"...'
        unless defined $id;

Where i'm wrong, folks? I'm forced to fetch the cookie manually, check it
existence in the table (expanded with 'cookie' column), and
        fetch its id and tie with it, or
        tie with undef and update 'cookie' column for that id...


Al Nikolov

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