Apache+MySQL+htaccess - nxt steps after authentication

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I've set-up Apache to authenticate using htaccess and MySQL.  That part
works great.   I'm trying to figure out how to get access (cgi? php?
server config?) to the user_name provided in the login pop-up box to
personalize the pages seen by that user.   After authentication, are
there accessible environment variables? Any ideas?

Re: Apache+MySQL+htaccess - nxt steps after authentication

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11D.Universe@gmail.com writes:
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For CGI, the username should be in the REMOTE_USER environment
variable.  From the CGI/1.1 specification:

   6.1.12. REMOTE_USER
   If the request required authentication using the "Basic" mechanism
   (i.e., the AUTH_TYPE metavariable is set to "Basic"), then the value
   of the REMOTE_USER metavariable is set to the user-ID supplied. In
   all other cases the value of this metavariable is undefined.

   This variable is specific to requests made via the HTTP protocol.

   Servers SHOULD provide this metavariable to scripts.

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