announcing Math::FastGF2 and Crypt::IDA modules

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I would like to announce the availability of the above modules which,
pending my PAUSE account being approved (*) I will be uploading shortly.
In the meantime, source code is available at:

Source code can be checked out of the subversion repository there with:

svn co gnetraid

The purpose of the modules is to implement Michael Rabin's Information
Dispersal Algorithm, which is a variant of Reed-Solomon codes. There are
four modules, divided into two source packages:

Math::FastGF2           performs Galois Field operations in GF(2^x)
                        (x=8,16,32). Uses XS for faster-than-Perl speeds
Math::FastGF2::Matrix   Matrix operations for the above, with XS used for
                        matrix multiplications for even faster speeds
Crypt::IDA              Split files into n shares, combine any k shares,
                        with k <= n
Crypt::IDA::ShareFile   Provides a convenient file format for storing
                        and distributing shares.

Currently there is one released version of the Math::FastGF2 module (with
no Matrix support) in the tags/ directory of the repository, although
full source code for all the rest of the modules (not quite release
quality yet, but complete and usable) is available in the trunk/
directory for each module.

Feedback is welcome at the above-mentioned website. I understand there
are various features for doing so...

dec (aka idablack)

(*) I've been waiting for over 3 weeks now for a response on my PAUSE ID
request (for DMALONE). I can see the request in the mailing list, but all
the recently-approved accounts were requested after I made my request. I
don't know if it's normal for some accounts to be approved quicker, but
it's got me wondering if my application has been overlooked/lost somehow.
If anyone on this list is in a position to check this out for me, I would
appreciate it, as I don't want to make another request until I'm sure the
current one isn't going to be processed...

Re: announcing Math::FastGF2 and Crypt::IDA modules

Quoted text here. Click to load it

At I see:
"Please allow three weeks for proceeding, which should be the maximum
during vacation time. Normally we hope to register you within a week."

That tells me that you're well within your rights to start making some
noise about the delay (or, as you suggest, submit another request) -
irrespective of whether it's "vacation time" or not.


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