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POE 0.31 has been released.  Thanks go out to everyone who helped
develop it.

Highlights of changes since the last announcement:

Scheduled Deprecations:

 - The new() constructor for POE::Session is finally being phased out.
   This release kicks off the deprecation by documenting it.

 - Signal deprecations are nearly complete.  Many aspects of signal
   handling have been improved this time around, including SIGTSTP
   (^Z), signal handler return values, SIGCHLD polling, and the
   ability to handle SIGWINCH.

Improved Portability:

 - POE::Wheel::Run has early support for ActiveState Perl systems.
   Thank Merijn Broeren and Nick Williams for this one.

 - Restructured POE's tests, multiplying the event loop tests by the
   number of supported event loops.  This doesn't significantly
   increase POE's test coverage, but it did flush out a lot of bugs.

Installer Improvements:

 - Eliminated redundant network test prompts.

 - Removed the old dependency checker.

New Features:

 - POE::Wheel::FollowTail will watch files that don't exist.  It also
   includes a tail() method for restarting where you left off.

 - POE::Filter::HTTPD allows arbitrary request methods.  Martijn van
   Beers also patched it to support writing keep-alive servers.

 - Nick Williams gave POE::Component::Server::TCP a Hostname
   constructor parameter.  The component also gained a Started

 - Nick Williams almost completely rewrote POE::Wheel::ReadLine,
   adding many of gnu readline's features: command history search,
   custom key bindings, .inputrc parsing, tab completion, vi and emacs
   modes, and more.

Bug Fixes:

 - POE::Filter::Reference loads Compress::Zlib, and avoids a redundant
   string eval() that was dragging down performance.  Thanks to Rhesa
   Rozendaal, Philip Gwin, and others.

 - POE::Wheel::ReadLine's hang problems have finally been determined.
   Term::ReadKey has an obscure bug that manifests under Perl 5.8.0 on
   certain Linux systems.  Upgrade Perl, or Linux, or both, and the
   problem should go away.

 - POE::Loop's loader uses a better hash of the event loop module's
   name, making it easier for third-party loop authors to publish
   their works.

As if that wasn't enough, POE's web site contains detailed logs for
every public release, ever!


Even now the latest tarball should be hurtling towards your favorite
CPAN mirror.  It is also on the web, and so is a Windows PPD!  Users
who need advanced notice of changes can follow POE's development in
CVS or discuss new features on the mailing list.


Thanks again to everyone who helped with this release.  Keep the
feedback and patches coming.

About POE

POE is a networking and multitasking framework for Perl.  It has been
in active development since 1996, and its first public release was in
1998.  O'Reilly's The Perl Conference (now part of OSCON) named it
"Best New Module" in 1999.


POE's users and developers continue to improve and build upon it.  See
the CPAN for the most up-to-date list of POE based modules.


POE's robustness and performance have made it an integral part of
mission critical applications since its first release.  It is used in
several fields, and in projects ranging from just a few lines of code
to hundreds of thousands.

 - Financial:
   Market servers, clients, billing systems, and automated trading

 - Web:
   Commerce servers, content management systems, application servers,
   data warehouses, WAP proxies, ad exchanges, web crawlers/spiders,
   and a variety of specialized agents.

 - System Administration:
   Large-scale host monitors and maintenance agents, distributed load
   testers, a distributed file system (InterMezzo), radius monitors,
   system log managers and reports, SNMP monitors, and spam detectors.

 - Entertainment:
   Interactive TV servers; mp3 jukeboxes and streaming servers; game
   server monitors, managers, and tournament controllers; and a
   plethora of IRC applications, services, and agents (bots).

 - Software Development:
   Compile farm managers, build managers, distributed testing

 - Monitoring and Automation:
   X10 home control systems, weather station monitors, alarm monitors.

We look forward to hearing how POE has helped you.

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