ANNOUNCEMENT: Compress::Bzip2 2.08

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Compress::Bzip2 2.08 has been released.


* built on top of bzip2 1.0.2

* extensive set of unit tests.

* a new file I/O interface with bzopen, bzread, bzwrite, bzclose, etc.

* a new stream interface.

* compatibility with Compress::Bzip2 1.03

* a Compress::Zlib clone interface, so that programs built for
   Compress::Zlib should work with Compress::Bzip2 with no changes,
   simply replace use Compress::Zlib; with use Compress::Bzip2

* includes bzip2 1.0.2 source code, so that it will build on systems
   without bzip2 installed.  The build process tests for the presence
   of a useable installation of bzip2.  If none is found, the internal
   source code is used.  If bzip2 is not installed in a standard
   location, the correct location can be specified either with
   environment variables or with a config file.

Bug fixes:

* previous versions were either not functional or not interoperable
   with bzip2 when dealing with files larger than the internal buffer
   size (100k to 900k).  The 2.x series uses the logical eof rollover
   method described in the bzip2 docs.

What is Bzip2 ?

Bzip2 is a portable lossless data compression library written in ANSI
C.  It offers pretty fast compression and fast decompression.  Bzip2
has very good results, if you want to compress ASCII Documents.

Bzip2 is probably not great for streaming compression.  It fills it's
internal buffer, which depending on parameters is between 100k and
900k in size, before it outputs ANY compressed data.  It works best
compressing an entire document.

Streaming decompression on the other hand, gives a steady torrent of

r w j a n e s    a t    p r i m u s . c a

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