ANNOUNCE: Zoidberg 0.93

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Just uploaded zoidberg 0.93 to CPAN.

Zoidberg (a.k.a. zoid) provides a modular Perl shell written,
configured, and operated entirely in Perl. It aspires to be a fully
operational login shell with all the features one normally
expects. But it also gives direct access to Perl objects and data
structures from the command line, and allows you to run Perl code
within the scope of your command line.

This is mainly a bugfix release: a serious bug in the evaluation of
logic operators was fixed, delayed jobs now remember their PWD and the
'fc' builtin should work correctly now. It also contains some
documentation updates and two example scripts were added.

To install try 'cpan Bundle::Zoidberg'

For downloading see

The new arch archive is

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