ANNOUNCE: Zoidberg 0.90 && Term::ReadLine::Zoid 0.05

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Today I released onto the CPAN
* Zoidberg 0.90
* Term::ReadLine::Zoid 0.05

Zoidberg (a.k.a. zoid) is a modular Perl shell written, configured, and
operated entirely in Perl. It aspires to be a fully operational login
shell with all the features one normally expects. But it also gives
direct access to Perl objects and data structures from the command line,
and allows you to run Perl code within the scope of your command line.

This release can be considered the first release candidate towards a
stable version. There are many changes in the internal api's and data
structures; these are supposed to remain stable for now. Feature
improvements include complete support for redirection, sub-shells,
command substitution and our own GetOpt library.

For more information see

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