[ANNOUNCE] WWW::Webrobot 0.70

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Webrobot 0.70 is now available on CPAN.

For all changes to previous versions see the Changes file

Webrobot http://search.cpan.org/dist/webrobot/ is a data driven http
client heavily based on LWP.  The client action specification format
ist XML.  Though the module itself is pure Perl it uses some CPAN
modules that are not. It can be used

* for automating http requests
* for a kind of web based unit tests
* for stress tests of web servers (limited).

For more information see the README file in the distribution
and the support page http://webrobot.abas.de containing screenshots
and tutorials.

The support page also contains instructions how to write test plans
with Mozilla by just visiting the desired pages.

Stefan Trcek

Re: [ANNOUNCE] WWW::Webrobot 0.70

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