Announce: Win32::SqlServer - access SQL Server from Perl

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Win32::SqlServer is a module for accessing Microsoft SQL Server from Perl
through OLE DB, and is designed to be the main alternative when Windows
is your only operating system, and MS SQL Server is the only DB engine
you need to access. There is support for most features in SQL 2005. (See if
you can spot what is missing!)

I announced this module two weeks ago, but there is now a new version out,
with one single change from the original release: the name has changed.
Originally it was MSSQL::OlleDB, but they did not like this name on the
Perl module list (since it's Windows-only, it should be in Win32.) I
complied as OlleDB was cute, but not very well-describing.

The place to download is .
I am also about to submit the module to CPAN.

Erland Sommarskog, SQL Server MVP,

Books Online for SQL Server 2005 at
Books Online for SQL Server 2000 at

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