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I am please to announce that v1.06 of Win32::GUI is available for
download from SourceForge and CPAN.

Win32::GUI is a Perl extension allowing creation of native Win32 GUI


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    Win32::GUI::ReleaseNotes::RN_1_06 - release notes for v1.06 of

Release Date
    13th February, 2008.

Summary of Changes
    This is a summary of changes between V1.05 and V1.06 See the
    file in the distribution for the full detail.

    This release is a primarily a bug-fix release addressing the
    below. There are a small number of new features. Minor changes
have been
    made to enable correct building with the new perl 5.10.0

    Please note that this is intended to be the last release that is
    compatible with the Perl 5.6 series.

  New Features
    More constants
        Win32::GUI::Constants now has over 2000 constants. Please keep
        reporting any that you need that are missing.

    Win32::GUI::DC::DrawFrameControl can DFCS_ADJUSTRECT
        DrawFrameControl() will now adjust it's input parameters if
        DFCS_ADJUSTRECT flag is set and the input parameters are not

    Dialog navigation for MDI Windows
        Salvadore Oritz submitted a patch to allow 'TAB' navigation
        controls of an MDI child window. The '-dialogui' is now
        on MDI child windows.

    Confusion with GetParent() and TreeView windows
        The GetParent() method usually gets the parent window, but for
        Treeview class it gets the parent node:

          $parent_node = $tree_view->GetParent($node);

        This made it difficult to get the parent window. Now, if the
        GetParent() method is called without an arguements it returns
        parent window:

          $parent_window = $tree_view->GetParent();

  Bug Fixes
    Balloon Tooltip info and warning icons swapped
        The info and warning icon for balloon tooltips were the wrong
        round. This is fixed. (Tracker: 1709017)

    Textfield::GetLine() truncates lines
        Textfield::GetLine() has been re-written to stop it truncating
        lines, and to correctly return empty lines.

    '-prompt' option to Textfield
        The '-prompt' option to the Textfield constructor would
        warnings and place the label incorrectly when used to supply a

          -prompt => 'Some Label:',

        This should now be fixed. Note that if you were relying on the
        previouly incorrect placement (always against the left
border), then
        you may need to re-position your labels. (Tracker: 1734697)

    Warning During Global Destruction
        It was common to get a warning like:

          (in cleanup) Can't call method "DELETE" on an undefined
value at C:/Perl
          /site/lib/Win32/ line 3451 during global destruction.

        This is now, hopefully, fixed. Please report if you still see
        like this.

    Memory leaks
        Various memory leaks have been resolved.

    Win32::GUI::Scintilla buffer sizes
        There were several places in the Scintilla wrapper code where
        buffers of the wrong sizes were allocated. This has been

    Win32::GUI::Scroll return value
        On failure Win32::GUI::Scroll was supposed to return undef,
but was
        returning random garbage. This has been fixed, along with
updates to
        the documentation.

        There was a typo in the function name (LimiteText()). Both
        are now supported.

    ListView BeginLabelEdit event
        The second argument was being set incorrectly when the
callback was
        made. This is now fixed. (Tracker: 1706901)

    ListView SelectedItems may now return an empty list
        Win32::GUI::ListView::SelectedItems used to return "undef"
        there were no items selected. It now returns an empty list, to
        better support things like:

          for my $item ($listview->SelectedItems()) {
            # do something with the selected $item

    TreeView::GetItem may now return an empty list
        Win32::GUI::TreeView::GetItem (and
        used to return "undef" when asked about a non-existing item.
In now
        returns an empty list to better support things like:

          my %node_info = $treeview->GetItem($item);

    Crash when destroying a window during a callback
        It is possible to write code that destroys a window during one
        it's one callbacks. This could crash perl. Hopefully this is

    All Win32::GUI::DC::Poly* drawing functions broken
        Polygon(), PolyBezier(), PolyBezierTo(), PolyLine() and
        now all work.

    Comboxbox constructor - using multiple types
        The Win32::GUI::Combobox constructor has been updated to
handle the
        '-simple', '-dropdown' and '-dropdownlist' options more
        The docuentation has been updated to explain that only one of
        options should be used, and what happens if more than one is

    Win32::GUI::Imagelist::AddMasked broken
        This call should now work. (Tracker: 1734697)

    Win32::GUI::Acceptfiles() generates warning
        The AcceptFiles() method was using some undefined constants.
        have been removed.

    Build process fixes
        A number of warnings when building under cygwin were fixed -
        submitted by Reini Urban.

    Win32::GUI::BitmapInline wasn't using a suitable temporary
        Win32::GUI::BitmapInline was always using the current
directory to
        create temporary files. This failed when the current directory
        wasn't writable (likely under limited user accounts in Win2K
        above). It now uses "File::Spec->tmpdir()" to get a writable
        temporary directory. (Tracker: 1586643)

        Further, the filename chosen wasn't thread-safe. This
        race-condition should also be fixed.

    Toolbar Addbitmap can't be called multiple times
        The Win32::GUI::Toolbar::AddBitmap() method failed when called
        second time, reporting that you couldn't use it when an
        was already assigned (regardless of whether you had assigned
        imagelist or not). It may now be called more than once to add
        individual bitmaps to the toolbar.

Deprecated feature status
    This section documents features that have been deprecated in this
    release, or in recent releases, and feature that will be
deprecated in
    up-coming releases.

    The introduction of Win32::GUI::Constants in v1.04 means that we
    have access to a very large number of constants, so the v1.03
    of Win32::GUI to export all constants to the calling namespace by
    default is no longer appropriate. So, a bare

      use Win32::GUI;

    now generates a warning that the old default behaviour will be
    deprecated - although the export behaviour of Win32::GUI v1.03 is
    maintained except for this warning.

    To eliminate this warning and correct your script, do one of the

    If you don't need any constants, use the empty list:
          use Win32::GUI();

    If you need some constants, name them explicitly:
          use Win32::GUI qw(ES_WANTRETURN CW_USEDEFAULT); # Two
constants exported
          use Win32::GUI qw(/^MB_/);   # Export all constants starting
with MB_

    See the Win32::GUI::Constants documentation for the full allowable

    You are advised to fix your scripts now, as a future version will
    exporting any constants by default.

    Although not advised, you can suppress the warnings by turning
    deprecated warnings off:

      no warnings 'deprecated';

    Additionally accessing constants from within the Win32::GUI
namespace is
    deprecated. I.e.

       -addstyle => Win32::GUI::WS_BORDER,

    will generate a warning with this release, and will stop working
with a
    future release. Use one of the following methods instead:

    use the Win32::GUI::Constants namespace instead
          -addstyle => Win32::GUI::Constants::WS_BORDER,

    use any other namespace you fancy
          use Win32::GUI qw(-exportpkg => A::B -autoload);
          -addstyle => A::B::WS_BORDER,

    maintain compatibility of existing scripts
          use Win32::GUI::Constants qw(-exportpkg =>
Win32::GUI :compatibility_win32_gui);
          -addstyle => Win32::GUI::WS_BORDER,

    It is no longer necessary to use the '-id' option to any of the
    Win32::GUI::NotifyIcon methods. The ID is now entirely handled
    internally. You will receive deprecated warnings if you use it.

    In particular, removing Icons from the system tray should be done


    and not by the (now deprecated)

      $NI->Delete(-id => 1);

    Use of the "-id" option will generate a warning.

Contributors to this release
    Robert May
    Brian Millham
    Glenn Munroe
    Glenn Linderman
    Salvadore Oritz
    Joseph Cordero
    Reini Urban
    Jeremy White

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