Announce: WebDyne (Yet Another Web Framework)

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"Perl promotes laziness, impatience and hubris."
-Pickup up Perl, /

I have used Perl in the past to develop various web based applications.

I disliked how long it took to get a simple page working (impatience). I
wished someone would come up with a better way of generating HTML with Perl
(laziness) .. and finally decided I would try and write my own (hubris).

That was a while ago. You can see the result at /

WebDyne is another variation on the theme of combining HTML and Perl. I hope
it will make it easier to produce reasonably powerful and complex
applications without the usual problem of mixing up content and code
(although like all good Perl programs it will let you do that if that is
what you want).

If you dabble with Perl and HTML, or used to use Perl previously for web
apps but have now switched to PHP, please take a look and let me know what
you think.

There are plenty of examples in the documentation to give you an idea of how
it works, and you are welcome to ask questions directly or via the mailing

I am aware of HTML::Mason and Embperl. I have dabbled with those frameworks,
but decided to go off in my own direction. WebDyne is "another way to do
it", not "the only way to do it" !

This is the first public release, so be patient with it ..

Download is available from CPAN:

Or via the home page /

Andrew Speer

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